Virtualmin Tips & Hacks

This is a practical Virtualmin book that teaches you how to how to fully automate PHP-FPM and integrate it with Virtualmin! Each Virtual Server you create will have its own dedicated PHP-FPM pool running under its own virtual server ID.

You’ll also discover how to integrate Nginx Reverse-Proxy in Virtualmin and fully automate the creation of nginx virtualhosts configuration files.

The Book comes with custom developed scripts that if you were to create yourself or outsourced to a programmer would have easily cost you $20 or more. It’s yours free with this book @ only $3.99 from the Amazon Kindle store.

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In Chapter 9, you will find the “Access Code” which will give you access to the custom scripts & source code listing mentioned in the book. Enter them into the field below to download.

Download the source code and the custom scripts here.

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Virtualmin Tips & Hacks: Errata

This section is reserved for any updates or errata found.

Errata #1:  There is no chapter 10 in this book. All the script downloads are found on this page by entering the book code in the field above. A file – “ifmodule_modfastcgi.txt” was missing in the download package. It has been included. Sincere apologies for the oversight!


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